Shout Out to Curvy Girl Health!

A couple of months ago, way back in 2013, my lovely trainer Angela Parker of Body Inspired Fitness reached out to me about an amazing opportunity.  Anything that Angela has to say, I listen.  She told me that she had recently connected with a doctor who was creating an online health magazine for curvy women.  She thought that I would be a nice fit for the magazine.  She introduced me to Lisa, the brilliant lady in charge, and the rest is history.

I made a video for Lisa and Curvy Girl Health about my journey, my thoughts on food and fitness, my experiences with health and fitness magazines, and how I can help other women.  I was so excited that she asked me to be a part of her team and to make this video.  This is my first edited video using iMovie.  Love teaching myself new tricks!  :D

ALSO, I am a writer for the magazine, and my first post was published last week.  Totally stoked!  You can check out the article and magazine HERE!

Life is definitely interesting filled with SO MUCH every day.  I’m forever grateful to be surrounded by so much support and inspiration.

Thank you, 2013!

2013 was a year I will always remember.  AImage year of personal success, growth and love.  I am in a completely different place then I was a year ago.  AND that’s exactly how I planned it.  I went into the new year with an intention to take care of myself; to give myself what I need to make the changes I wanted.  I always start my year on a mission to loose weight.  EVERY year has been the year that I vowed to get to my “goal weight”.  The year I will look good and feel even better!  Every year I go in with THAT mindset.  However, 2013 was a little different.  Of course I wanted to loose weight.  Of course I wanted to see my body FINALLY look the way I wanted.  This time, my only challenge to myself was to not give up.  To not let negative self talk, hardships and set-backs get in the way.  I did not want to quit.  I had quit on myself SO many times in past years.  I was tired of feeling worthless and undeserving of a body that I felt good in.  I knew that IF my only real commitment was to be consistent and not give up on myself, change had to happen.

This past year I taught myself how to eat.  I learned to LOVE clean, real and healthy food.  I learned what MY body needs.  I worked out.  A lot.  I fell in love with physically challenging and pushing my body to do things that I did not think were possible.  I ran.  Further than I thought was possible.  I completed a 5k and a 10k.  Through fitness and physical activity, I learned how capable we are as human beings.  I learned that anything CAN be possible with hard work, a little risk-taking and tons of self-compassion. I surprised myself.  A lot this year.  Through the process of learning to love healthy eating and fitness I did loose weight.  I hit a big mark this year.  I finally lost more than 100 lbs.  I was proud.  Very proud.

My body is changing.  More importantly…. my heart and mind are changing and for the better!  I am happy with myself and my progress.  I’m learning to love every part of me.  That is HUGE.  Most people don’t know how insecure I am was.

I am excited to start a new year.  I want to spend this year focusing on FEELING GOOD!  I want to do things, be with people and go places that feel good to me.  I want to not think so much and just DO.  I want to live in the NOW and plan for a kick-ass future.  I want to take risks, LOVE BIG and enjoy life.  I will continue my journey towards healthy living.  I look forward to becoming stronger and healthier.  I look forward to watching my body, mind and heart continue to change.  A smile pops on my face every time I think of MY potential.  I am capable of so much and that is what 2013 taught me.

Here’s to a new year!  Cheers to twenty-fourteen.

Nobody’s Perfect

I am not perfect.  I have so many insecurities.  Sometimes it can be so overwhelming to think about.  This past month has been tough.  I ended the summer with a complete food binge- eating anything and everything that I wanted.  I didn’t care about how much I was eating or what affects it would have on my body.  I just ate.  I was completely aware of what I was doing and consciously made the decision to binge.  It was weird.  I had not eaten that way since the year began.  Of course I have had my cheat meals here and there, but I was now “cheating” every meal of the day and week for four weeks straight. 

I gained ten pounds.  I felt physically and emotionally awful.  It was all bad.  During this time I was still working out.  Thank god.  I can’t imagine how much worse I would’ve felt if I wasn’t working out.  Usually when I fall off the wagon like this, I completely give up and spiral back into horrible eating habits- gaining tons of weight.

I realized that is what I do.  I spend the beginning part of the year working as hard as I can to become healthy and fit.  Then as the second half of the year begins, I tend to slowly regress back into old habits.  I become very lethargic.  I begin to not care as much (about myself).  I don’t know if I’m completely exhausted or what. 

Last week I decided to do something about this.  I wasn’t going to give up on myself.  I’m not going to give up myself- not now, not ever.  I need to keep working; I have come too far.  I have gone back to preparing my meals and actively monitoring every little thing that goes into my body.  I have lost most of the weight I gained, and look forward to losing more.  I am continuing to work out.  I will fight this blues/funk that I get into during the Fall/Winter months.  I will end the year as strong as I started. 

Cheers to not ever being perfect.  Here’s to self awareness and resilience!